The Band

Shae Parker - Vocals, Guitar

"I'm a man of many talents and a master of none", Shae says of himself. With a resume that includes, radio broadcaster & journalist, sign maker, small business owner, town councilman/vice mayor, artist & musician/songwriter his talents are quite vast, but he is a bit modest on the mastery. His musical pursuits started as a young teenager with an almost simultaneous discovery of his sister's Beatles records and his mother's guitar, the later hidden away in a closet. It was soon thereafter his grandfather taught him the banjo and Shae's musical bug was solidified. Despite any formal training Shae tried out for his High School Jazz band at the end of his junior year and earned a spot as the bass player his senior year. Soon thereafter he would join Blue and the Jaded as the bass player and keyboardist. In 2006 he formed the Church Street Project as an improvisational rock group with a revolving cast of players. By 2012 the core membership of CSP was formed and for the next 4 years enjoyed a loyal following and accolades in the local music scene. Shae has had the pleasure to play with many talented musicians over the years from Front Royal to Costa Rica, Shae's artistic talents can also find there way into his music as many of his guitars and other equipment were built by him.

Stacy Horton - Drums

Chris Howerton - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Tim Grant - Bass, Vocals

Tim began playing in bands in his teenage years in the late 80's early 90's.  Shae Parker and Stacy Horton were collaborators in these  first few bands.  He earned a bachelors in music from Radford University in 1995.  He came back home to the Front Royal Virginia area to teach and play music.  As a multi instrumentalist, Tim continued to play bass and guitar in bands after college ranging from punk, folk, rock, and jam bands to bebop, swing, and big band era music.  He founded The Intrepid Jazz Trio in 2000 with saxophonist and music educator Ed St. John.  IJT played wineries, restaurants, and festivals throughout the northern Shenandoah valley.  During that time Tim was also freelancing on bass with local jazz musicians and bands such as Jump Alley.  He can be found on recordings created throughout the area including Mark "T" Tobolsky's "A Child of Lir" CD., Chatham Street's CD entitled "All That Mattered", Charles Barone's Remember When Orchestra as well as many other singer song writer demos and recordings.  For nearly 30 years, Tim has performed in front of audiences large and small ranging from bars, wineries, and coffee houses to large outdoor music festivals.  Always approachable and friendly, Tim loves to talk about music, guitars, and family.  He loves to tinker with his guitars by modifying them to get the best possible tone to fit the needs of the music he is playing.  Tim's main guitar is a Fender American Deluxe Telecaster with River Driven.